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Introduction to Forex

Our trading team was first successful when they entered the FX markets in 2016. The next two years were difficult as we devoted all of our energy to conquering the market.


Strategy Development

The first effective Trader Growth method was produced after two years of development, demonstrating profit for our team.


Prop Firm Trading

Our team made the decision to take on additional cash by venturing into the realm of prop firm trading after becoming proficient in many of the rigors of FX trading.


Trading Course Development

In the latter part of 2019, the Launch Trader Growth Academy was established. By taking on a small group of ambitious traders, our team was able to devote greater attention to the success of each individual.


Student Success

Many of our students were able to secure funding this year from Prop Firms such as FTMO.


More Success

Justin, one of our team members, sets a record by increasing his $50,000 FTMO account by 30% in just ten trading days. View his FTMO interview here.Watch Now


Free Education & Youtube Channel

Our YouTube channel started to flourish. Owing to its exceptional quality, rapid production, and unique trading tactics, our YouTube channel is becoming increasingly popular. Enrollment at The Trader Growth Academy is highly sought after. Being the best in trader education is our goal.
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The Future and Beyond

More Success

Our goal is to stay at the forefront of the forex trading industry as thought leaders. Not only do we aim to relentlessly produce the best free education available on Youtube and other platforms, but we're also aiming to reinventing what it means to be a profitable full-time trader. In the process of bringing the future of trading and trading education into the present, we're reducing the amount of time it takes for students to advance from novice to expert traders. More will follow in the months and years ahead. We're tremendously blessed and thankful for your support and pray for your continued trader growth. Cheers to you success.